General terms and conditions of sale

Reservation of accommodation or pitches for tourism by individuals

Details of the Provider :

  • Name of the campsite : sas Camping Valenty
  • Postal address : 46700 Soturac
  • Contact details : 0650742159

Definitions :

  • Order or Reservation or Rental : Purchase of Services.
  • Services : seasonal rental of accommodation or bare pitches “tourism”.
  • Accommodation : Tent, caravan, mobile leisure home and light leisure home.


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply, without restriction or reservation, to any rental of accommodation or bare pitches on the Le Valenty campsite, operated by “The Provider”, to non-professional customers (“The Customers” or “the Customer”), on its website or by telephone, post or electronic mail (e-mails), or in a place where the Provider markets the Services. They do not apply to the rental of pitches intended for mobile leisure homes (mobile homes) which are covered by a “leisure” contract.
The main characteristics of the Services are presented on the website in written form – paper or electronic – in the event of a reservation by a means other than a remote order.
The Client is obliged to read them before placing an order. The choice and purchase of a Service is the sole responsibility of the Client.
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions of the Service Provider, in particular those applicable to other marketing channels for the Services.
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are accessible at any time on the Website and shall prevail, if necessary, over any other version or any other contractual document. The version applicable to the Customer is the one in force on the inter net website or communicated by the Service Provider at the date the Customer places the Order.
In the absence of proof to the contrary, the data recorded in the Service Provider’s computer system shall constitute proof of all transactions entered into with the Customer.
Under the conditions defined by the French Data Protection Act and the European Data Protection Regulation, the Customer has the right to access, rectify and object to the processing of all personal data at any time, provided that such processing is not essential to the execution of the Order and the holiday as well as their consequences, by writing, by post and providing proof of his/her identity, to :
The Client declares that he/she has read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and has accepted them either by ticking the box provided for this purpose before the online order procedure is implemented, as well as the general terms and conditions of use of the website, in the event of a booking made off-line, by any other appropriate means.


The Customer selects on the Web Site or fills in any document sent by the Service Provider the services he/she wishes to order, according to the following procedure:

It is the Client’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the Order and to notify the Service Provider immediately of any errors. The Order shall only be deemed final once the Customer has received confirmation of the acceptance of the Order by the Service Provider, either by e-mail or post, or by signing the contract in the event of a booking directly at the premises where the Service Provider markets the Services.
Any Order placed on the website constitutes the formation of a contract between the Client and the Provider.
All Orders are personal and may not be transferred under any circumstances.


The Services offered by the Service Provider are provided at the prices in force on the website, or on any other information medium of the Service Provider, at the time the Customer places the order. Prices are expressed in Euros, exclusive of tax and VAT.
The prices take into account any discounts that may be granted by the Provider on the website or on any information or communication medium.
These rates are firm and non-revisable during their period of validity, as indicated on the website in the email or in the written proposal sent to the Client. After this period of validity, the offer is null and void and the Provider is no longer bound by the prices.
Prices do not include processing and administration costs, which shall be invoiced in addition, as indicated on the website and calculated before the Order is placed.
The payment requested from the Customer shall correspond to the total amount of the purchase, including these costs.
An invoice shall be drawn up by the Seller and given to the Customer at the latest when the balance of the price is paid.

Tourist tax

The tourist tax, collected on behalf of the commune/commune, is not included in the rates. Its amount is determined per person and per day and varies according to the destination. It must be paid when paying for the service and is shown separately on the invoice.


4.1. Advance payment

The sums paid in advance are down payments. They constitute an advance payment on the total price due by the Client.
A deposit corresponding to 30% of the total price of the provision of the Services ordered is required when the Client places the order. It must be paid on receipt of the final rental contract and attached to the copy to be returned. It will be deducted from the total amount of the order.

It will not be refunded by the Provider in the event of cancellation of the stay by the Client less than 30 days before the planned date of arrival (except in the cases provided for in article 6.4 of these general conditions).
If the Client cancels the stay less than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date, the Client will be reimbursed in full or in part depending on the date of cancellation according to the following scale :

  • More than 30 days before the start of the stay: the deposit will be retained by LE VALENTY campsite as a lump sum compensation but the amount of this deposit may be deducted from a reservation made within one (1) year of the said cancellation.
  • Between 29 and 21 days before the start of the stay: the deposit will be retained by LE VALENTY as compensation, in addition to a fixed compensation corresponding to 60% of the price of the stay excluding VAT.
  • Between 20 and 7 days before the start of the stay: the deposit will be retained by LE VALENTY as compensation, in addition to a fixed compensation corresponding to 80% of the price of the stay excluding VAT;
  • Less than 7 days before the start of the stay: the deposit will be retained by LE VALENTY as compensation, in addition to a fixed compensation corresponding to the full price of the stay excluding VAT.

Any interrupted or shortened stay (late arrival, early departure) due to the client’s fault will not give rise to a refund.

The balance of the stay must be paid in full 30 days before the date of arrival (under penalty of cancellation of this rental)

4.2. Payments

Payments made by the Client shall not be considered final until the amounts due have been received by the Service Provider.
In the event of late payment and payment of the amounts due by the Client after the deadline set out above, or after the payment date shown on the invoice sent to the Client, late payment penalties calculated at the rate of 20% of the amount including VAT of the price of the provision of the Services, shall be automatically and automatically due to the Service Provider, without any formality or prior notice.
Late payment shall result in the immediate payment of all sums due by the Client, without prejudice to any other action that the Service Provider may take against the Client in this respect.

4.3. Non-compliance with payment conditions

In addition, the Service Provider reserves the right, in the event of non-compliance with the payment conditions set out above, to suspend or cancel the provision of the Services ordered by the Client and/or to suspend the performance of its obligations after formal notice has remained without effect.


5.1. Provision and use of services

The accommodation or pitch may be occupied from 4pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure.
The balance of the stay must be paid in full
– 30 days before the date of arrival (under penalty of cancellation of this rental)

The accommodation and pitches are designed for a specific number of occupants and cannot be occupied by a greater number of people.
The accommodation and pitches must be returned in the same state of cleanliness as on delivery. If this is not the case, the hirer must pay a fixed sum of 100 € for cleaning. Any damage to the accommodation or its accessories will be repaired immediately at the tenant’s expense. The inventory at the end of the rental period must be exactly the same as at the beginning.

5.2. Security deposit

For accommodation rentals, a security deposit of 500 € is required from the Client on the day the keys are handed over and is returned to him on the day the rental ends, subject to deduction of any repair costs.
This deposit does not constitute a limit of liability.


No reduction will be granted in the case of a late arrival, an early departure or a change in the number of persons (whether for the whole or part of the planned stay).

6.1. Modification

In the event of a change of dates or number of persons, the Provider will endeavour to accept requests for a change of date as far as possible within the limits of availability, without prejudice to any additional costs; in all cases, this is merely an obligation of means, as the Provider cannot guarantee the availability of a pitch or accommodation, or of another date; an additional charge may be requested in such cases.
Any request to reduce the duration of the stay will be considered by the Provider as a partial cancellation, the consequences of which are governed by Article 6.3.

6.2. Interruption

Premature departure shall not give rise to any reimbursement by the Provider.

6.3. Cancellation

In the event of cancellation of the Reservation by the Customer after its acceptance by the Provider less than 90 days before the date of the reserved Rental, for any reason except force majeure, the deposit paid at the time of the Reservation, as defined in Article 4 – PAYMENT CONDITIONS of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, shall be automatically acquired by the Provider as compensation and shall not give rise to any refund.
In all cases of cancellation, the processing and management fees (Article 3) shall be retained by the Provider.

6.4. Cancellation in the event of a pandemic

6.4.1. In the event of total or partial closure of the establishment during the dates of the booked stay (which is considered to be a total or partial ban on the reception of the public, insofar as the Client is directly concerned by the application of this measure) decided by the public authorities, and which is not attributable to the Provider, the sums paid in advance by the Client for the booking of the stay will be reimbursed within 7 days.
However, the Provider shall not be liable for any additional compensation beyond this refund of the sums already paid for the booking of the holiday.

6.4.2. Notwithstanding the provisions of article 6.3 CANCELLATION, any cancellation of the holiday duly justified by the fact that the Client is affected by COVID 19 (infection) or another infection considered to be a pandemic, or is identified as a contact case, and that this situation would call into question his/her participation in the holiday on the scheduled dates, will give rise to :
– the reimbursement of sums paid in advance
– the issuance of a credit note valid for 24 months and refundable at the end of the validity period.
Any processing and management fees as provided for in the general terms and conditions will be retained by the Provider. In all cases, the Customer must provide proof of the event that makes him/her eligible for this right of cancellation.

6.4.3. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 6.3 CANCELLATION, in the event that the Client is forced to cancel the entire stay due to government measures that do not allow participants to travel (general or local confinement, ban on travel, closure of borders), even though the campsite is able to fulfil its obligation and welcome Clients, the Provider will :
– issue a credit note corresponding to the sums paid by the Client, minus the processing and management costs (Article 3) which will be retained by the Provider. This credit note is valid for 24 months; it is refundable at the end of the validity period.

6.4.4 – If the Client takes out specific insurance covering the risks listed in Article 6.4.2 or Article 6.4.3, the insurance indemnities received by the Client will be deducted from the amount of the credit note referred to in Articles 6.4.2 or 6.4.3.


7.1. Civil liability insurance

The Client accommodated on a pitch or in an accommodation must be insured for civil liability. A certificate of insurance may be requested from the Client before the start of the service.

7.2. Animals

Pets are accepted under the responsibility of their owners.
They are accepted in return for the fixed rates available from the Provider and payable on site.

7.3. Internal regulations

Internal regulations are displayed at the entrance to the establishment and at reception. The Client is obliged to read them and to respect them. They are available on request.


The Service Provider warrants to the Customer, in accordance with the legal provisions and without additional payment, against any lack of conformity or latent defect resulting from a design or manufacturing defect in the Services ordered.
In order to assert its rights, the Customer shall inform the Service Provider in writing of the existence of the defects or lack of conformity within a maximum of one day from the delivery of the Services.
The Service Provider shall refund or rectify or have rectified (to the extent possible) the services found to be defective as soon as possible and no later than 2 days after the defect or fault has been identified by the Service Provider. Reimbursement shall be made by crediting the Customer’s bank account or by sending a bank cheque to the Customer.
The Service Provider’s liability is limited to the reimbursement of the Services actually paid by the Customer. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible or liable for any delay or non-performance resulting from the occurrence of a force majeure event as usually recognised by French case law.
The Services provided through the Provider’s website comply with the regulations in force in France.


Activities related to the organisation and sale of stays or excursions on a specific date or during a specified period are not subject to the withdrawal period applicable to distance and off-premises sales, in accordance with the provisions of Article L221-28 of the French Consumer Code.


The Service Provider, the writer of the present document, implements the processing of personal data whose legal basis is :

  • Either the legitimate interest pursued by the Service Provider when it pursues the following purposes
    – prospecting
    – the management of the relationship with its customers and prospects,
    – the organisation of, registration for and invitation to the Provider’s events,
    – the processing, execution, prospecting, production, management and follow-up of clients’ requests and files,
    – the drafting of documents on behalf of its clients.
  • Or compliance with legal and regulatory obligations when it implements processing for the purpose of :
    – the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and the fight against corruption,
    – invoicing,
    – accounting.

The Service Provider only keeps the data for the time necessary for the operations for which they were collected and in compliance with the regulations in force.
In this respect, customer data is kept for the duration of the contractual relationship plus 3 years for the purposes of promotion and canvassing, without prejudice to retention obligations or limitation periods.
With regard to the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the data is kept for 5 years after the end of the relationship with the Service Provider. As regards accounting, it is kept for 10 years from the end of the accounting period.
The data of prospective customers is kept for a period of 3 years if no participation or registration to the Provider’s events has taken place.
The data processed is intended for authorised persons of the Service Provider.
Under the conditions defined by the French Data Protection Act and the European Data Protection Regulation, individuals have the right to access, rectify, question, limit, portability and delete data concerning them.
The persons concerned by the processing operations implemented also have the right to object at any time, for reasons relating to their particular situation, to the processing of personal data whose legal basis is the legitimate interest of the Service Provider, as well as the right to object to commercial prospecting.
They also have the right to define general and specific directives defining the way in which they intend to exercise the above-mentioned rights after their death
– by e-mail to the following address E-mail address
– or by post to the following address Surname, first name Company name Postal address together with a copy of a signed identity document.
The persons concerned have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL.


The content of the website is the property of the Provider and its partners and is protected by French and international laws relating to intellectual property.
Any reproduction, distribution or use of this content, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited and may constitute an infringement of copyright.
In addition, the Service Provider retains all intellectual property rights on photographs, presentations, studies, drawings, models, prototypes, etc., made (even at the request of the Client) for the purpose of providing the Services to the Client. The Customer shall not reproduce or use such studies, drawings, models, prototypes, etc. without the express prior written consent of the Service Provider, which may be subject to a financial consideration.
The same applies to names, logos or, more generally, any graphic representation or text belonging to the Service Provider or used and distributed by it.


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the operations arising from them are governed by and subject to French law.
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are written in French. In the event that they are translated into one or more foreign languages, only the French text shall be deemed authentic in the event of a dispute.


All disputes to which the purchase and sale operations concluded in application of these general terms and conditions of sale could give rise, concerning both their validity, their interpretation, their execution, their termination, their consequences and their consequences and which could not be resolved between the Service Provider and the Customer, shall be submitted to the competent courts under the conditions of common law.
The Customer is hereby informed that, in the event of a dispute, he/she may have recourse to a conventional mediation procedure or to any other alternative dispute resolution method.
In particular, he can have recourse free of charge to the following Consumer Mediator :
Sas camping valenty 46700 soturac


The Client acknowledges that, prior to placing the Order, he/she has been provided, in a legible and comprehensible manner, with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and with all the information and details specified in articles L 111-1 to L111-7 of the French Consumer Code, in addition to the information required pursuant to the Order of 22 October 2008 on the prior information to be provided to the consumer on the characteristics of open-air hotel rental accommodation and, in particular
– the essential characteristics of the Services, taking into account the communication medium used and the Services concerned
– the price of the Services and related costs;
– information relating to the identity of the Service Provider, its postal, telephone and electronic contact details, and its activities, if not apparent from the context;
– information relating to legal and contractual guarantees and their implementation procedures; the functionalities of the digital content and, where applicable, its interoperability;
– the possibility of resorting to conventional mediation in the event of a dispute;
– information on termination and other important contractual conditions.
The fact that a natural person (or legal entity) orders on the website implies full and complete acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which is expressly recognised by the Customer, who waives, in particular, the right to rely on any contradictory document, which would be unenforceable against the Provider.