Amenities and practicality

Your pets
Veterinarian 2.5 kilometres away.
Our friends the animals are accepted but on a leash for the respect of all (up to date vaccination booklet obligatory).

Electrical connection
16A on each pitch.
To know what you can plug in, it’s simple, you take the power of your device, divide by 240 volts, that gives you the amperage. Add up the amperage of your appliances and do not exceed the capacity, too easy…?!

Available on request

Two composters are available on the campsite to compost all your peelings and vegetable remains.


Near the campsite

Medical care

Doctor, dentist and pharmacy 2.5 kilometres away.

Do your shopping

Bread and pastries can be ordered from the campsite.
Supermarket, shops and local market 2.5 kilometres away.

Withdrawing money

Cash machines at the supermarket and in Fumel (2.5km).


Farmers’ markets

  • Tuesday morning : Puy L’Évêque
  • Wednesday morning (July/August): Montaigu du Quercy
  • Thursday : Fumel
  • Friday : Prayssac
  • Saturday: Montaigu du Quercy
  • Sunday: Montquc and Casal

For night markets (and other events), please consult this site.